amanda lee

My job as a photographer doesn't start and end with a click of a button, not a well positioned camera. My purpose is to make you feel your absolute best once we start planning your session, during and years after.
Having your photo taken is an intimate experience without a doubt and I do not take that lightly, you need to trust your photographer with your image. So not only am I taking photos, I'm your hype girl. 
I will inspire you, I will believe in you, I will pray for you. 
Your life is ready to take off and it starts with photos that represent you genuinely and abundantly.

amanda: photographer

Everyone has a story to tell, whether it be personal or business. Whether it be a story of growth, triumph or even heart break (waddup tinder photos) you can allow images to tell yours. I just want to give you the best photos you've ever had taken of yourself. period.

The Philosophy

| ice cream and smoothies
| beach days under the hot sun
| too much time alone
| horoscopes


| lattes both iced and hot.
| pool days with SPF
| time with family
| Jesus